You are currently viewing Boo at the Zoo! | Winnipeg| October 2021

Boo at the Zoo! | Winnipeg| October 2021

 “Trick or treat!  Smell my feet… give me something good to eat….

Boo at the Zoo part 1 of 2
Boo at the Zoo!

Today, we are going to Boo at the Zoo to have some fun! We created a two-part video for our Boo at the Zoo experience. We had fun creating this video. I hope you like it!

Here is the link to the second part of our Boo at the Zoo experience:

Boo at the Zoo Part 2 of 2 vlog

Here is the transcript for the Part 1 of our video blog:

Gabby: “Trick or treat!  Smell my feet… give me something good to eat….”

Mom Shey: Today, we are going to Boo at the Zoo to have some fun!

Gabby: But before we get started, click that Like button, and subscribe, or else a ghost will haunt you… booooo!!!

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Boo at the Zoo just came back after 9 years.  You have to book online in advance in order to get into the zoo, or else you will not be able to go in.. Boo!!!

Starring: Gabby (SweetGabbySparkles) as Mal (from Disney Descendants)

My daughter Gabby dressed as Mal
from Disney Descendants. She also has her own YouTube channel: SweetGabbySparkles

Gabby: I’m so excited to go to Boo at the Zoo.  It rained and rained until it was time to go to the Zoo.

Mom Shey: We are now here at Boo at the Zoo.  It was raining all day.  Good thing the rain stopped when we got here at the zoo.

Gabby: Ferris wheel… boo!

Ferries wheel at the background

I am going to go and ride the Merry-Go-Round and the Ferris Wheel.  I’m so excited!

Mom Shey: “Cowabunga, dude!” (imitating the sound from the Hi Striker).

Mom Shey:  Of all the rides at the fair, I love the Merry-Go-Round.  It’s my favorite ride and Gabby’s too.  Is that your favorite, Gab?

Gabby:  Yeah, yeah! 

How about you guys?  What’s your favorite ride?  Comment down below! Boo!


We are now going to the Fun Slide. Boo!   First, we had to go to the lineup to go to the fun slide, and then when we got there, the girl gave us a blanket so we could go down the slide.  

Fun slide

And she told us first, “Which slide?”  Like, which color? And I picked blue.  My Dad said yellow, but I picked blue. 

🎶I was born to be excited to go down the slide! Woohh…🎶

We first go to the big spider and Mom took a picture of me and it was very fun! Boo!

Big spider 🕷

We go to Fun Shack but they didn’t allow phones.  The Fun Shack was like an obby,

[like an obstacle course, it’s very easy and hard.

Mom Shey: Very easy and hard? (laughing)

Gabby:  Because when I go on the spin, it was very hard. I almost tripped. Boo!

Mom Shey: Boo! Cemetery…..   Gaabbbyyy….

Gabby: After we went to Fun Shack, we go to this grave, a spooky grave, but the graves are fake because I can move them.

Mom Shey:  Are you scared, Gab?

Gabby:  And it was not that scary.

Mom Shey: Really?

Gabby: Yeah.

Mom and Gabby:  Boo!

Mom Shey:  How about this Gab?

Mom Shey: Look Gabby, it’s too big! 

Gabby: So, we were tired so we go to the restaurant to eat food and also to see the polar bears.

I got a fruit-to-go, a pizza, and also a cookie and my Mom and Dad shared a hotdog.

We saw a polar bear but, shhh… she’s sleeping…

Sleeping polar bear

Warning! This is only the part 1.  Part 2 will be on SweetGabbySparkles.

Thank you for watching!  Please subscribe and click the like button or a ghost might haunt you! Boo!

Happy Halloween!!!

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